world of beast

In Irene’s ‘World of Beast’, animals become the centre of her thematic collection. She surrounds each animal with strong multimedia elements, making them become powerfully visible. They catch your attention as if ready to speak to you, to play with you at your every glance. It is a cheerful collection that illustrates the unconditional love that animals possess, their egoless attitude, their fearless way of living and unwavering intuition; all skills that we, human beings, should aspire to live by.

In these paintings emphasizes Irene’s belief in a dream world where everything is possible, where love and fun rule, and where people feel safe. As she loves to refer to what Picasso once said: anything you can imagine is real. Stop thinking within boundaries, free the limited self, connect with a child’s mind and you will be able to create limitless. Rest assured that every time you walk by one of these creature, they will spark a new impression whilst daring you just a little more to be you.

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Vibes 130x165cm

Blue motion 125x150cm

Rare bird 90x70cm

Soar 150x120cm

Soulmates 80x80cm

Vlinder 150x130cm

Bubble 120x145cm

Shining 120x130cm

We are family 160x160cm

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