Dutch artist Irene Hoff currently resides in Bali, Indonesia; having lived and worked across South East Asia (Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City) over the past few years. These diverse cultures have influenced her artistic style and theme. Irene began her creative career as a graphic & product designer, and later decided to focus her energy on the creation of art. Irene’s work is lauded regionally, and has been presented in various solo exhibitions throughout Indonesia, Vietnam and Holland.

Irene’s art has an instant impact. The unique blends of modern and traditional culture take art lovers into a mystical world that often only exists in their imagination. There is a wealth of intricate detail in each picture that requires in depth study and often Irene will incorporate a clever surprise or angle that leaves the viewer with a feeling of wonder, mystery, laugher, excitement, longing to see more. It pulls you into a place you love to stay, a break out of the ordinary. Moreover, she challenges you to believe in your imaginary world and make it you own.

Vivid colours and a unique compilation of styles and visual elements, like pictures, cartoons, symbols, signs & words, are often the basis for Irene’s authentic collage-pop-art-kind-of-style. All the paintings are hand painted, using mixed media of acrylics, oil paints and paper prints. She loves to work with stencils, spray paint, pencils & texture.

Her most recent series are:

The World of Weast (WoW)

Weast is based on the riddle from Gong San Ho (Gerard Hoff): “How far do you have to travel from the East to meet the West?” The answer is that you’re already there; it is just a matter of perspective. The World of Weast is all about integrating the best parts of all there is, seen and unseen, turning it into a world which surpasses reality and fiction. The paintings make you wonder what is real and what isn’t and challenge you to pull it into your own existence. Believe and you will see.


Incorporates shifting energy, creating own awareness and being able to make any wishful change. Typical for this collection is the use of a mix of powerful woman’s faces, from: West & East, Past, Present & Future, Reality & Fantasy, all integrated into a new perspective. Each woman faces their own challenges, feeling so far apart yet all connected, striving for the same goal in life as part of one whole.


Heroic Pop Art Series challenges us to awaken our inner child. It releases mundane and established behavioral patterns, and helps to rid ourselves of limitations built up by age. It allows us to rediscover passion and a free, pure spirit, and to reconnect with the playfulness and creative energy that keeps us young. The signature Playmobil toy (created in 1975) is the center point of attention, and revisits sentimental childhood memories of endless play in an imaginary world. It evokes a sense of nostalgia, mixing vintage background figures of comedy and drama to brand new levels.