racing extinction

In this series, species threatened by extinction are given a voice. Inspired and based on the work of the Australian wildlife photojournalist and activist Paul Hilton, Irene surrounds the animals by symbols reminding us that these creatures are on the verge of disappearing from the surface of our planet. As per her signature style, she integrates colorful elements and patterned paper onto the canvasses, often displaying alarming numbers, highlighting the beauty and the reality of each of the endangered species she paints. Irene frequently donates her ‘Racing Extinction’ Themed Art to contribute to raising funds in related charities. One of her wildlife paintings was signed by Nature Warrior Leonardo DiCaprio and sold at a global online auction.

Grounding 180x150cm

Fragile package 165x120cm

The leftovers 110x110cm

Lost at sea 110x110cm

Stock take 110x110cm

Bonding 110x110cm

Outnumbered 110x110cm

Limited edition 110x110cm

Lifetime warrenty 110x110cm

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