Don't blow my cover

In the ‘Don’t Blow my Cover’ series, Irene illustrates how people get stuck in their own beliefs and those of others, how tinted their view on life is, how other people’s opinion influence them, and how all this affects not only their outlook and attitude but also their body. How layers are building up that block you from truly being who you are. She also expresses hope by showing the support that is always available to us, the tools we can use to raise our awareness so we can gracefully change our story, and access the next ‘feeling-good’ level.

‘I strongly believe we are born with a magnificent internal guiding system. Call it sixth sense or intuition. Throughout our lives, we tend to fill our headspace with other people’s opinions; what society dictates about how things are supposed to be done. Often enough, we are unaware that some of our beliefs are rooted in these external influences, even when they don’t feel quite right. This affects everything in our lives and slowly becomes our truth, but is it?

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Road less traveled 120x100cm

Point of no return 120x100cm

Gaya 130x130cm

Cracks 120x100cm

Back to Nature 165x140cm

Spring 140x120cm

Hibernation 140x120cm

Intervention 148x128cm

The inside world 140x115cm

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