world of weast

In her thematic series ‘World of Weast’ (WoW), Irene mixes elements from the East and West, from ordinary life and from people’s emotional worlds. This unique series shows differences, similarities, insights and beliefs which determine all of us. By combining what appears to be at first glance contradictory components, a new energy balance surfaces from each canvas. The ‘World of Weast’ illustrates how united we are through universal emotions and energies, regardless of our background or culture. All is one, one is all.

Dreaming big 140x140cm

Japan visits NY 140x140cm

The inner child 100x100cm

Distraction 160x135cm

Mirror of Life 160x160cm

Japan visits UK 120x120cm

Stepping out 150x150cm

The world is yours 110x110cm

Fly Away 150x150cm

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