Deus ex Machina x Art Irene Hoff

Stay tuned for the art show The Silent Observers of the World at Deus by Art Irene Hoff, in collaboration with Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB).

Reserve the date, opening night 14 September 2018!

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Irene Hoff

New Publication Art Irene Hoff

So proud to announce that I have been selected and published in this amazing book “100 Artist of the Future”, issued by The Contemporary Art Curator Magazine! Please find below more information on the book and where to purchase! #celebration #happydance

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Almost Christmas. Today I am on my way to my native home, Holland. Wising everybody a great Holiday. Set your intentions for 2018, feel your way in! It is entirely up to you to make you dreams happening, focus, visualize and feel it every single day – be it...

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The Stillness of Nature

Love my new theme ‘Back-to-nature”. Using the stillness and colors to increase passion and creativity. Letting go of all the drama and enjoying the peace of Nature, that is what we do here in Bali.

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